8 Steps to Get Longer Tumescence

liposuction-laserWhy are Longer Erections Important?

The ability to sustain an erection is a sign of health and vitality to men. It makes a man feel more self-assured, capable and energetic. Being able to sustain longer erections is more pleasurable for their female partners. Couples will be able to have sex longer periods and engage each other more intimately.

Try using these 8 simple steps to achieve longer lasting erections.

Step 1: Try Using More Self-Control During Intercourse

Most men are capable of holding back their orgasm, at least somewhat. If a man concentrates on this hard enough, he will not cum as quickly. If this is problematic for you, try masturbating and getting off prior to sexual intercourse. Other tips for self-control are breathing, setting a rhythm to your pelvic thrusts, and focusing on your partner. Trying to use more self-control during intercourse is a good way to sustain an erection, it just takes practice.

Step 2: Avoid Drinking and Smoking Too Much

Tobacco, alcohol and drugs are the cause of many sexual dysfunctions. Smoking is especially bad, because it robs the body of oxygen and it lowers the blood pressure. This means that less blood flow can get to the penis and hold an erection correctly. Drinking alcohol and doing drugs have a variety of effects on the body, but most do not enhance sexual performance. Remember getting high and drunk is the enemy of getting it up.

Step 3: Getting Enough Sleep Each Night

Being properly rested always helps with sexual performance. Men are notoriously known to fall asleep after having sex, because it uses up body energy and relaxes you completely. So it is reasonable to assume, that sex will be enhanced and better, if you are wide awake for the experience. Getting enough sleep each night is the best way to insure being rested up, so you won’t miss any spontaneous sexual opportunities that might come along.

Step 4: Stay Away From Fatty Foods

If your body is weighed down with heavy foods, the ability to maintain an erection if diminished. This is true of all foods that take time to digest and give you gas, especially meals that are full of fatty acids. Try to avoid any kind of heavy meal for an hour at least, if you want to be at your peak for sexual activities.

Step 5: Take Time For a Proper Daily Workout

lipoExercise doesn’t have to be a dirty word. A few minutes of stretching and simple cardiovascular exercise will do wonders, because it gets the blood pumping and builds muscle tone. These are important factors in a man’s ability to last longer during sexual intercourse. Also working out gets the body in shape, so you will feel more attractive when naked with your lover.

Step 6: Don’t Get Nervous While Being Intimate

Men loose erections due to stress and anxiety, so avoid nervous tension while sharing intimacy. This always helps, if it can be achieved. Let your partner know when you feel anxious, she will probably make it better with a silly joke or sexy comment whispered into your ear. In fact, it can make your penis harder than it normally would be, once nervous tension shifts and sexual arousal begins.

Step 7: Choose the Right Sex Positions

Many an erection has been lost, due to having to stop everything and shift positions during sexual intercourse. Sometimes little mishaps are inevitable, especially when a couple is just getting to know each other sexually. Try different sex positions and see which ones allow your bodies the most freedom. Use this to enhance your sexual stamina by choosing positions that allow your body to move comfortably.

Step 8: Eating a Healthy Diet and Drinking Enough Water

Being in good condition for sex is like any other sport, staying in shape is the key. Therefore eating healthy and keeping hydrated should make common sense to anyone. Nutrition and diet are the foundation for all men’s health, so they are essential to maintaining peak sexual performance.

In Conclusion

Try using these basic steps to enhance men’s  intercourse, achieve longer lasting erections and stay hard all night long. There really are no downsides to a man having or getting longer erections.