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bath2Throughout your lifetime, your body’s natural exfoliating enzymes constantly shed dead skin cells in a process called desquamation. This mechanism sloughs off the old cells to reveal fresh, new skin on the surface.

How Your Exfoliating Profile Changes Over Time

Exfoliating, which also removes dirt and oil, is a process best begun as a teenager, when clogged pores and acne eruptions are likely. As you get older, your outer skin layers lose moisture, and the exfoliating enzymes in your skin can’t carry out desquamation at top capacity because theyre not as well hydrated, a critical factor in high-octane desquamating.

Exfoliating as an Anti-aging measure

Not exfoliating regularly (dermatologists recommend doing so 1-3 times per week depending on how sensitive your skin is) can result in dry, ashy, dull skin that doesnt reflect light well, making you look older than you are. It doesnt need to be that way. Younger-looking, brighter skin and possibly a brighter outlook are but a few scrubs away.

Need More Incentive?

Other benefits of exfoliating include making wrinkles less visible, minimizing the appearance of pores and priming your skin to absorb skincare products like moisturizer more easily. It would be difficult to argue that getting an appearance boost doesnt carry holistic healing benefits. There’s nothing like knowing something you’re doing for health reasons has the added bonus of making you look and feel more vibrant.

Dermatologists take care of the largest organ in the body:  the skin.  Skin serves as a barrier to disease and damage to internal organs, but itself is subject to disease.  While people often visit a dermatologist for vanity reasons, many others visit dermatologists in New York City for medical purposes.  These doctors can treat a number of skin ailments, some of which can be deadly.

Two medical conditions treated by skin doctors are psoriasis and eczema.  The former problem manifests as patches on the skin that are scaly and thick.  While this condition is not necessarily physically uncomfortable, it can be embarrassing when wearing revealing clothing.  Dermatologists in New York City treat this condition with creams, ointments and UV light which help the patches to slough off more quickly.  Eczema is an uncomfortable condition characterized by continuous itching.  Scratching only reinforces the discomfort.  A skin doctor may prescribe steroids, immunomodulators or antibiotics, depending upon the situation.

doct-22Another medical problem treated by a dermatologist is genital warts.  These warts are extremely contagious through sexual contact and can turn cancerous.  They are treated in a number of ways.  Laser surgery can burn them off, cryosurgery can freeze them off.  Also, the physician can use an acid on them or a variety of creams or liquids.

A very serious condition treated by dermatologists in New York City is melanoma, which is deadly skin cancer.  This cancer usually develops from exposure to ultraviolet radiation – the sun – but can also originate from a mole.  For this reason, it is very important to get a full body exam from a certified skin doctor on an annual basis.  If a cancerous mole is discovered, the dermatologist can excise it immediately.  This should prevent the cancer from spreading.

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