Don’t Let Psoriasis Stop You from Meeting the Partner of Your Dreams

eat-2Due to the itchy, flaky nature of the skin condition psoriasis, many find it extremely difficult to find partners due to embarrassment and insecurity. Many have opted to search for love interests online in a bid to hide away their condition but often find themselves being rejected when they reveal themselves on the date. Psoriasis sufferers tend to be self-conscious and so find it extremely difficult to approach the opposite sex.

What is psoriasis?

Simply put, psoriasis is a skin condition which represents itself in the form of red, crust-like scales which are worsened when scratched. It is a chronic condition, which means it will always be present and there is currently no cure for it. For more information about the irritating skin condition, simply click here. There are five forms of the condition, these include:

1.       Plaque Psoriasis

2.       Guttate

3.       Inverse

4.       Pustular

5.       Erythrodermic

Each of them differs in severity and only one type will affect the individual at a time. However, certain stress or environmental triggers may cause the onset of another form.

Severity of the condition

Many women agree that they can easily cover up their psoriasis with make-up but it may be difficult for men to approach this option. Unfortunately, first dates are usually based on physical attraction. Online dating site users, in particular, will often judge the person on how they look and how they dress in the first instant. This is what scares psoriasis sufferers the most.

Some sufferers may have a more severe condition than others, with psoriasis covering up the majority of their body. In these cases, they often feel extremely anxious and will not approach dating at all. However, many happily married psoriasis sufferers find that their partners are more sympathetic and kind hearted. Who wouldn’t want a partner with those qualities? These are the people that are willing to look past the skin condition and fall in love with the individual, not their appearance.

coupleDescribing psoriasis to a potential love interest

Going on a blind date may seem very daunting for psoriasis sufferers. Not only are the date nerves setting in but they’re suffering a bad flare-up and don’t know how to approach the subject with a potential love interest. My advice would be to get it out in the open as soon as you can to avoid any awkwardness or misunderstandings.

Simply sum your condition up on your date if it’s highly visible. Maybe just say ‘my body produces too many skin cells, that’s all’ and you could add ‘don’t worry it isn’t contagious’. If it’s particularly bad that day just inform your date about this ‘I’m having a bad day today, it isn’t usually like this, don’t worry’.

If your potential love interest is fine with this and still seems interested then you’re definitely onto a winner! Telling your date about your condition as soon as possible will make you feel much more relaxed and comfortable.

Being completely honest

If you don’t feel comfortable with telling your date about your condition the first time you meet them, don’t worry! You may be scared of frightening them off or your nerves may already be very high just because you’re going on a date.

It is however, very important to approach the subject as soon as you can. It is important to do this because:

1.Your date may feel like they’ve been lied to or misinformed, this instigates automatic trust issues.

2.When you’re ready to become physically intimate it may be awkward the morning after.

3.It will make you seem more confident the more direct you are to approach the subject. Every potential love interest seeks a confident partner!


Intimacy Issues

When you feel like you’re ready to approach physical intimacy, it is of extreme importance that you inform your love interest if you have genital psoriasis. Many with psoriasis in these delicate areas often avoid sexual contact all together but this needn’t be so. Regularly cleansing of the genitals and making use of lubricants can make the experience much like any other sexual experience.

Remaining positive, optimistic and healthy can guarantee that you’ll find a long-term partner who’ll fully understand and accept your condition.  Try to remember that every single person has been rejected by potential love interests at some time or another, even the highly attractive people! If it’s meant to be then it will be and you’ll find the partner of your dreams when you least expect it.