Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices can make a significant difference to your health. Making positive lifestyle choices will have a positive impact on your health, while making negative lifestyle choices could have a detrimental effect.

Promoting healthy lifestyle choices

Health communication plays an extremely important role in encouraging people to think about the lifestyle choices they make and the consequences of their actions. Health communication is designed to inform people about many aspects of health and try to promote a healthier way of life.

smoking (1)Many people, especially young people, may be unaware of the long-term consequences of their actions and communication technology and marketing can be used to raise awareness of these actions and educate people about the effects of the following lifestyle choices:


Smoking has a negative impact on almost every organ and every system in the body, yet thousands of people still smoke in the UK. Cigarettes contain hundreds of harmful chemicals and smoking is associated with many serious illnesses, including many different forms of cancer, chronic respiratory illnesses and an increased risk of heart disease. Health communication strategies can be used to inform people about the damage smoking can cause and suggest ways they can try to cut down and eventually give up smoking. The NHS offers a stop smoking service, which provides advice and support for people who want to give up smoking and these services are promoted by marketing materials, as well as work of mouth.


Drinking is something most people enjoy once in a while but binge drinking has become increasingly common and this is contributing to many problems, including health and social issues. Drinking in moderation is not harmful but binge drinking puts a huge amount of stress on the body and can contribute to serious illnesses in the long-term. irland-1Prolonged heavy drinking is also very dangerous and can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, strokes, certain forms of cancer, liver failure and kidney disease.


Drugs have a very unpredictable effect n the body. For some, taking one pill can be fatal and this is why drugs are so dangerous. Prolonged drug taking is linked to mental health problems and can also contribute to heart problems and organ failure.

Sexual health

Sexual health is an important issue, especially for young people who are most commonly affected by sexually transmitted infections. In recent years, the rates of STIs and unwanted pregnancies have increased significantly and this may be due to many factors, including alcohol, a lack of awareness of the importance of sexual health and a lack of knowledge about sexually transmitted infections.

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