Natural/Herbal Remedies For Herpes

focusHerpes is a sexually transmitted disease which is hard to cure as it recurs after some years of treatment. It is one of the most misunderstood diseases due to the common misconceptions about it. There are various remedies one can do to ease from the ailments of herpes. Some of these natural remedies are mentioned below. You can also find out more at our blog: Natural cure for Herpes

1)   Baking Soda And Cornstarch: Baking soda has been known for its many uses and remedial purposes. It is useful due to its drying properties. Baking soda and cornstarch are both easily available in the stores. They are used to keep the affected area dry. This is very important in herpes as drying helps in faster healing and recovery. Cornstarch also helps in reducing itching which is caused in the affected area. Hence, baking soda and cornstarch are very helpful.

2)   Lysine: This is a natural vitamin supplement. It is also a health food which is found in abundance. It is an essential amino acid. It is essential because it’s not required by the body and hence it should be consumed in such a situation. Lysine has a debatable effect on herpes and hence one must consult the doctor before taking this supplement.

hotels3)   Tea Bags: A hot cup of tea is considered very soothing for various reasons. Not many know that it also has a positive effect over herpes. It is good against genital herpes and is known to give some relaxing feeling to the person affected. Placing a bag of hot tea is recommended for herpes patients as it is known to give relief in the affected area. One can try hot or cold tea bags and see the effect it has. Along with this water bags also give a soothing feeling and ease the area. It also acts against the sores in the area and gives some respite from the ailment.

4)   Ice: Ice has been historically known to give some relief from the pain, itching and soreness. This natural and easy remedy is available without any hassle at home. Placing a bag of ice soothes the skin and does not have any harmful effect as ice is totally natural. Being condensed water, it does not react or cause allergy irrespective of the skin type. One should, however, check for the time for which ice is applied as the resistance can vary from person to person.

5)   Aloe Vera: This is a plant known for its remedial use in many problems. It is widely used and has great significance due to its healing properties. It is useful against many types of burns like sunburn, fire burns and so on. It can be used to deal with burns and itching during herpes. Aloe Vera gel is used for herpes. It helps in easing the sores and prevents further infection. Aloe Vera has antifungal and anti-infection properties which make it very useful during a herpes condition.

6)   Olive Oil: A mixture of olive oil along with bee wax and lavender is heated and applied on the affected area. This is a useful remedy and has a positive effect on the skin.

These remedies are very helpful and give relief from the hardships of herpes.