Yoga for Adolescents Health


Adolescent Problems

Adolescence is the transitional stage of life, which is characterized by many developmental changes in the domains of physical, psychological, social, and moral and personality aspects. It is both the fascinating as well as the critical phase where the Adolescent faces pressure, stress, emotional outburst, anxiety, tension, depression and turmoil from parents, teachers, peer groups and society. It is the period of significant changes, including physical growth and psychosocial transition, usually encompassing the second decade of life. The most common health problems of adolescents chronic illness, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, mental health, obesity, unwanted eating habits, tobacco, alcohol and drug, etc.

Role of Yoga for Adolescent Health
Yoga, a refreshing natural process as well as a holistic positive lifestyle, has the ability to manage Adolescent health problems. Yoga can maximize the talents and potentials of Adolescents, so as to lead them towards excellence in life. Yoga also brings about psychological and emotional well-being. Being a drugless modality, it enhances and sustains the functional ability of the body. Yoga, certainly, alleviates stress and promotes disease free life and can play a pivotal role in overall development of Adolescents.

Adolescent period of an individual heralds the physiological and psychological changes in an individual due to a surge of neuroendocrine activity leading to pubertal maturation of reproductive systems. As yoga has also its well established role on the different systems of the body functionally, it may be appropriate to accrue maximum benefit of yoga at this stage which will help to build up physiological reserves for the future challenges in life in youth and adulthood.

Yoga for Stress Management
To rejuvenate the mechanism of body and mind, there is a need of stress management, emotional bonding with nature and shedding out inhibition. Yoga Therapy, a refreshing process as well as a cost-effective solution; tries to find out the very root cause of stress. Yoga has the power to contend stress hormone by lowering psychological and psycho-physical distress. A regular Yoga practice helps develop friendliness, compassion, and greater equanimity. It taps into many mechanisms that have additive and even multiplicative effects. The dynamism of Yoga brings synergy to body’s ability to stay calm and focused thus helps in tranquillity of mood swings.  Yoga therapy focuses on the path of yoga as a healing journey that brings balance to all aspects of life. The fine subtleties of it act as a buffer nullifying the effects of anxiety and angst.  Thus, Yoga is a rewarding and intrinsically motivating way to stay cool and feel stress free.

Pranayama, Meditation and certain asanas such as Savasana and relax asanas help certainly to alleviate stress and promote disease free life and can play a pivotal role in overall development of Adolescents. 


Yoga for De-addiction
Modern life, however, has provoked an increase in the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other health related addictions. Today in this competitive world man is more frustrated and worried than at any other time in History, and is therefore, far more prone to indulge in alcohol and other addictions. Yoga helps to prevent a person from becoming on alcoholic and it can help him to give up alcohol altogether. Personal hygiene of Hatha Yoga (Ashta Karmas) is more useful in Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco.

Most smokers are aware of the adverse effects of smoking and do want to give up, but they often lack will power to do it. There is exactly what the yoga helps, it does create strong will power in the aspirant and gradually frees him from this injurious habit.  The pranayamas and meditation will play good role in the treating process.

Yoga for Emotional Control
Yoga can contribute immensely to achieve a positive socio-emotional health for adolescents. A judicious use of attitude-forming yogic principles, simple Yogic practices, Yogic breathing and Yogic relaxation methods may help restore the socio-emotional health status of adolescents. Acceptance of Yoga practices will be much easier if the young is convinced about the fruitful role of Yoga in Sports and Physical Education. Research has shown that Yoga practices, being psycho-physiological and Mentos-spiritual essentially, are equipped to endow us with a deeper psycho-physiological relaxation.


Yoga for Mental Development
The power of imagination – ‘creativity’ and ‘willpower’ are the two aspects of the mind which come under this head of personality development. It has been seen that Yogic practices enhance the creative power of man. As such, many musicians, poets, film artists, engineers and technologists have been attracted to yoga.

Yoga for Intellectual Development
In the modern era of science, a sharp intellect and the faculty of reason plays a key role in the scheme of education. Rather than mechanical cramming of information, thinking and understanding are valued more in the learning process. The capacity to analyse and correlate relevant information forms the function of the intellect; concentration is the expression, precision is the outcome. It is again the specialty of YOGA that can bring about this comprehensive development of the intellect.