5 Essential Skin Care Tips for the Traveller

carFor most people, travelling around the world and exploring new places is a dream. Many tourists often visit far corners of the globe to quench their thirst for adventure and excitement. Travellers often pack in a lot of clothes and accessories but often leave out their essential skin care products, as now many airlines do not permit liquids in hand baggage. The only solution to this problem is to pack in sample size beauty products that can easily be carried around in the hand baggage. Also, many people often tend to neglect their daily skin care regimes when travelling that leads to skin problems such as pimple breakouts, dryness and sunburns.

To avoid them, it is essential for a traveller to follow these basic skin care tips:

Cleansing : Whether travelling by air or by car, the skin is exposed to dirt and microorganisms like bacteria, resulting in acne breakouts. Therefore, it is essential to clean the skin regularly with anti-bacterial face washes or cleansing wipes.

Moisturizing: Airplanes often have low humidity which causes the skin to dry quickly. To avoid dry and patchy skin, it is advisable to moisturize it frequently to help it retain moisture. Buying tinted moisturizer is a great idea, as they combine the advantage of makeup and hydration at the same time.

sun-careSun protection: To avoid getting sunburnt, many experts advise travellers to carry sunscreens suitable to their skin type with SPF 15 or higher. Carrying good sunscreen and sunglasses is a must if you are travelling by car to protect your skin and eyes from the harsh sun.

Hydration: The most important skin care regime for travellers is to keep themselves hydrated during their journey. It is important to drink lots of water during the trip, as the low humidity in the cabin air dries out the skin.

Beauty Sleep:  When going on long flights, it is important to take adequate rest to allow the skin to repair itself. Putting on a moisturizing mask on your face and cooling eye pads on your eyes after the travel is a great way to help you look refreshed.

As it is essential to take good care of your skin during your journey, it is also very important to take care of your travel papers and passport to avoid any unpleasant situations. Some tourists often end up losing or misplacing their passports and as a result face a lot of stress. Tourists in UK who have queries related to their passport can seek the help of UK passport services. All they have to do is book an appointment at any of the passport customer service centres to get a speedy resolution for their query.