All about scars, Evolution, care before and after surgery

skinScarring is the natural process of skin recovery after having an injury that can be caused by various reasons: a cut, injury, surgery, burns etc. This physiological mechanism of healing or tissue repair may have different figures for each person depending on several factors: genetic, wound location, depth and extent of it. Not all people heal alike, no one who heals poorly and who would get the almost imperceptible scars.

The time evolution or cure of scars usually one year, so before that time you should not evaluate the outcome of it. At first they are bulkier, red and hard. Gradually it decreases in thickness and having red (due to excess extra blood going to the scar to heal that damaged tissue) becomes clearer. Depending on the location, depth and extent of the scar it can have serious psychological consequences.

In surgery, the surgeon is as important as the patient. It has always been said that the surgeon and the patient sewing scar. Of course, the surgeon in their practice treat the scars are as inconspicuous as possible, well planned location of the same to the extent of its ability. Here in Dubai ABSAMC is a great one for your surgery. It also pays particular attention to how to close a wound, type of suture, etc thickness thereof. If you are considering plastic surgery as a way to complete a process of anti aging, you need to be diligent in gathering information about surgery you want done and what needs to investigate thoroughly the doctor you want to use . The best way to find a good doctor is finding one that is not only experienced, but has several patients who have been talking about your results and experience.

The patient meanwhile must also assist or have means possible to get better healing. It is very important to follow your surgeon before and after surgery.

Tips to meet the patient for good healing:

SNUFF: Emphasis on the recommendation of quitting smoking is done or at least lowering consumption before surgery. This snuff shown that low blood oxygenation and thus impairs healing. The patient should be aware of this and know that this indication does not meet the risk of scarring increases.

HYDRATION: It is also advisable to have the skin well hydrated, especially after surgery. It should moisturize the scar very well with moisturizer, rosehip oil or aloe vera (very suitable for scars).

SOLAR PROTECTION: During the first year must either protect the scar from sunlight. It is recommended to use sunscreen (full screen) but on cloudy or rainy.

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MASSAGE: Massaging the scar is essential to “tune” the tissue and the scar is flat. It’s like this massage with the same effect is achieved by ironing clothes will seek. Keep a constant massage on the scar with an ironing effect on it. Making the touch and the eye is smooth, uniform and flat.

If this massage is done with moisturizer is much better.

DRAIN LINFATICO. Where has liposuctioned. Scars will remain inside the path of the cannula. Why it’s so important to a good massage after undergoing liposuction.

The most common healing complications are keloid and hypertrophic scars.