Breast Augmentation Post Operative Care

breast implantsGoing through any surgery can be stressful so it is important to take care of yourself afterwards. Whilst your doctor will go through with you anything you need to know once you’ve had your surgery it’s good to keep a reminder around, just in case you accidently overstretch yourself. Below is a list of helpful pointers so you can print them off and keep them on your fridge so it’s easy to remember the best way to look after yourself after your breast augmentation.

Have someone take you home

The last thing you want to think about after your surgery is how to get home. Whether you need to book a taxi or arrange with a partner or friend to pick you up it’s important that you are able to get home in a calm manner. Further exacerbating yourself may cause you to harm the healing process.

Plenty of rest

It sounds like an obvious thing to say as it’s all you’ll feel like doing but remember not to overstretch. Resting time is healing time so don’t feel like you have to rush back into things. Giving yourself enough time off work is important too – rest comes in all forms so make sure you make yourself comfortable and relaxed when you’re at home.

Limit your arm motion

The muscles associated with your breasts will be sore as the body sets about repairing them, so make sure you don’t overuse them. The muscles and tissue need to adjust so don’t overuse your arms and limit your motion so that the body has time to repair.

Postoperative bra

Getting the right clothing after your surgery will make a world of difference. Postoperative bras in particular will help; anything that doesn’t have underwiring or extra padding so that the breasts’ skin can breathe will only aid your recovery. The body needs to adjust to quite a significant change so, give it the best chance possible by choosing comfortable clothes and the right underwear.

breast-3Seek advice from your surgeon

This conversation will have been had before and after your surgery. It’s important to remember that the healing process involves their input quite a bit. Their the best resource you have with regards to you looking after yourself so make sure you utilise it and keep an open conversation going.

Check up appointments/ Follow up examinations

Your postoperative care extends beyond the initial days after surgery and it can take you up to six months to heal completely. Check up appointments are essential in case of infections or any other issues that can arise, so make sure you are diligent and attend every appointment.

Restricting your Travel

Try not to travel on a plane for 2 weeks after your surgery, but it is important to walk around every 2-3 hours if possible.