Best Methods For Winding Down Before Sleep

sleep-3Stress is becoming a more and more common affliction; it has become a more prominent concern since the ever accelerating increase in job losses. In fact stress has now officially become the most common reason for long term sick leave; statistically the number of employees taking time off work because of stress has risen by 25%. This doesn’t have to be the case though; often stress leads to poorly made decisions at work; calm and rational thought is the way forward. Now, I am sure I am not alone in being one of those people that once in bed, lies there staring at the ceiling getting increasingly irritated at the fact I am not going to sleep. Sleep deprivation is a huge factor when thinking about stress, stress keeps you awake which makes you more stressed – it is the start of a vicious cycle. There are means to prevent this though, hence the creation of this blog – to provide advice for those that cannot wind down before bed.

Often sleep deprivation is caused by an overactive brain, and with this in mind (no pun intended) I believe my first point proves to be the most effective solution – partake in activities that allow you to tune out. Your mind is constantly busy at work; there is no need to take this home with you. Activities that require low mental effort such as cooking, yoga or listening to calm music are an excellent means to prepare your mind for sleep. Do not work at home if you can help it, you should always associate your home as somewhere separate from work. Working late into the night is also a mistake that many people make; it activates the stress hormone cortisol – which makes sleep more than a little difficult.

Remove all technology from your room – trust me. Having a TV in your room is a terrible idea, I now keep mine mounted on LED TV brackets in the lounge, away from temptation. If you leave technology in your room, your mind subconsciously associates your room as a hub of non-sleep related activities. Finally, but most importantly, avoid caffeine at all costs – most people should know why. Nicotine is said to have similar effects, raising the blood pressure and raising your heart rate, not ideal for sleep. All in all, there are a plethora of methods to avoid a night of frustration – no-one should feel at a loss, just heed the aforementioned advice and you will be sleeping like clockwork in no time.