Is Smoking Still Considered Cool?

smoking (2)At one point, smoking was considered the ‘cool’ thing to do. It was more common to find somebody who did smoke in the 80’s and early 90’s than it was to find a non-smoker. Now, thanks to huge anti-smoking campaigns, people have started to become more aware of the dangers of taking up this addictive habit, and smoking, of course, is banned inside bars and restaurants. Despite this, however, is smoking still considered cool?

The Daily Mail has reported how children who are looking to be popular and cool still think that smoking is a necessity. It does appear to be a habit that people pick up early on. Statistics show that 70% of adults who smoke took up the habit at age 18. However, there’s a large proportion of children who start before they’re 16.  It appears that popularity is one of the leading factors that tempts children to smoke. The trouble is, as any smoker will know, once you start it’s extremely hard to stop. Those who start smoking at a young age are likely to continue into late adult life.

There have been a lot of products introduced to the market to encourage people to quit smoking, while alternatives to traditional cigarettes are growing in popularity; e-cigarettes, like those available from Number 1 eCigs are considered to be one of the best options. These useful devices work by simulating tobacco smoke.

There has still been negative press surrounding eCigs. However, many experts are claiming the negative press is based on myths, as discussed in this article by the New Hampshire Business Review. The fake cigarettes do provide some nicotine, but they don’t contain the harmful chemicals that standard cigarettes do.

smoking (3)One of the main myths surrounding eCigs is the fact that they are just as harmful to the body as cigarettes. Nicotine is known to be very addictive. However, studies have shown that it’s the other harmful chemicals found in cigarettes that causes so much damage to the body. As eCigs don’t contain these chemicals, they are considered to be a much better alternative to smoking.

The reason people are turning to eCigs is because they simulate every aspect of smoking. For many people it’s more the habit of putting something in their mouth and inhaling that they find hard to stop, which is why patches aren’t always effective for some. With eCigs, you put the device in your mouth and vapour is released, simulating the entire smoking experience – if the image of smoking appeals, this still facilitates that.

Another advantage to these simulated cigarettes is the fact they come in a variety of different flavours. From tobacco flavour to fruity flavours; they can actually taste pretty good.

Perhaps that image of smoking being cool will never truly disappear when it comes to the younger generation – but e-Cigs, promoted by growing band of celebrities, at least provide an alternative which is less damaging to health.