What are the constituents of Venus factor weight loss package?

weight-lossThe Venus factor package includes diet and weight loss manual, 12 week workout system, Venus factor nutritionist, Venus community and Venus index podcasts. Most of the topics are covered by all these tools. This is a comprehensive program which will take care of all your needs in an effortless manner. The workout plan is designed to shape the body and to tone muscles so that your stamina will increase. In addition to the workout and dieting, there will be focus on delivering nutritious food.

Venus factor advantages

The Venus factor weight reduction program is unique. Venus factor diet is divided into two parts. In the first part, there will be more focus on weight loss or fat removal. The second part is dedicated to build muscle or shape the body. The body structure and shape are dependent upon location and quantity of fat present in the body and muscle shape and size.  By following the workout guidelines provided in the manual, it is possible to shape and tone muscles. Thus, you will get the desired body shape.

Different factors that affect women’s metabolism will be discussed in manual. The body composition and size (height, width and length) are discussed. You will also understand the fact that women burn fewer calories than men because of the low levels of testosterone. You will understand the importance of another hormone, Leptin. The Leptin can control your appetite levels. The body’s natural sensitivity to Leptin will be increased through leptin factor. Leptin’s sensitivity is enhanced through natural ways. By sleeping properly and following a proper exercise plan and using supplements and fasting, you can influence the sensitivity of Leptin.

Efficient weight reduction through Venus factor

weight-loss-3Detailed information is available on healthy dieting. Thus, it is possible to shape your body through the Venus factor weight reduction program. You will go through foods that will hinder weight loss. These are soy, sugar, low-fiber carbs, high-calorie beverages and fats. You will get firm understating on the Body Metabolic Rate (BMR). As you understand the factor, you will understand about the number of calories that should be shed on daily basis. There are charts for women through which BMR can be selected based on the height and weight.

Through practical meal planning, you will understand about the amount of food that you should take and the frequency. The best meal plan can be determined as per the number of calories that are required on a daily basis. You will assess the number of calories burnt on a daily basis by various parts of the body. For example, the brain burns 110 calories per day, kidney burns 200 calories per day and the heart burns 200 calories per day.

You will also have an understanding about the ‘reverse taper diet’. You will take more quantity as you lose your weight. You will understand Venus diet protocol which is extended all through the 12 weeks. For example, in the first week, you will go through 5 & 1 protocol. You will take low number of calories for the first 5 days and you will take a high number of calories on day 6. Week 3 to 4 will run under high fat 2 & 1 protocol. 5 & 1 protocol will be repeated during the 5th and 6th week. High protein 2 & 1 protocol will be followed during week 7 and 8. 5 & 1 protocol will be repeated again during week 9 and 10. High carb 2 &1 protocol similar to week 3 and 4 will be repeated during the 11th and 12th week. Thus, weight reduction will happen in a well planned manner.