What can I do if I’m not losing weight naturally?

weightlossPeople approach losing weight in different ways, but in the vast majority of cases the best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy, balanced diet and increase the amount of exercise you do. Weight loss in most cases boils down to a simple equation, which involves the amount of calories you take in through eating and the amount of calories your body uses. If you take in more than you use, you will put on weight.

If you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to do is to look at your diet and your exercise regime. If you eat a lot and do not exercise much, changing your lifestyle habits will probably have a huge impact. You may never have thought about counting calories before, but it is a good idea to add up an average day to see how you compare with recommended guidelines, which suggest a daily intake of around 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 for men.

exercise-1Dieting and exercise

Health eating and exercise will help you to lose weight, but it may be a steady and slow progress. If you are finding that you are struggling to lose weight, or you feel like you are working very hard without any results, see your GP. If you have been eating sensibly and exercising on a regular basis and you have still not lost weight after a significant period of time, your GP may suggest other methods.

Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is a major operation and the decision to have surgery should not be taken lightly. Doctors only recommend weight loss surgery, which includes gastric bypass surgery and gastric band surgery, in extreme cases and when an individual has already tried dieting and exercise without any success. Weight loss surgery is not always available on the NHS and some people will be advised to have surgery at a private hospital.

WeightGastric band surgery is designed to limit the amount you eat by shrinking your stomach. A band is fitted to the top of the stomach, causing you to feel full after eating only a small amount of food.

Gastric bypass surgery works by reducing the amount of food the body absorbs and the stomach is also made much smaller, which means that you feel full after eating a small meal.

Weight loss surgery is not suitable for everyone and it is not a quick-fix solution. It is a major surgery which carries risks and it should always be considered in great detail before a decision is made.

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