What types of gastric band are available and which one should I choose?


Gastric band surgery is a very effective technique used to reduce the size of the stomach. It uses a silicone band, which is placed on the upper part of the stomach in order to make it unable to hold large amounts of food at a time. Over a period of time the patient starts to lose weight. The speed of weight loss can be controlled by adjusting the band. If the band is tightened, then weight loss will accelerate and if it is loosened, it will slow down. A large variety of bands are available today. Following is a brief description on the different types of gastric bypass surgery bands available today:

Easyband: The easy band is the most advanced band in terms of technology. Unlike other bands, this band does not require the injection of saline solution in order to make adjustments. A microchip and motor are built in the band. When the band needs to be adjusted the doctor can use a remote control to access the chip in order to loosen or tighten the band.

Lap-Band: This band is placed on the upper part of the stomach. The patient wearing this band will need to visit their doctor every few weeks to have the band adjusted. In order to adjust the band the doctor will insert a needle into a port below the skin. The band is tightened when saline is injected and in cases where it needs to be loosened, saline will be drawn out.

Nervous patients are in luck

Swedish Band: A small pouch is created on the upper part of the stomach. Just like other bands, it can be tightened or loosened to control weight loss. However, there is a slight difference with the placement of the balloon, which is used for adjustments. Instead of lining a portion of the band, the balloon lines all over the band, which makes the band more flexible than other bands.

The Midband: This band is shorter than Lap band and Swedish Band, which makes it resistant to erosion and reduces the irritation to the gastric wall lining. The Midband can be easily detected with the help of X-rays, which makes the adjustment process easier. Just like the other bands mentioned above, this band can be tightened or loosened to control the quantity of grub the patient consumes.

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