Tips for managing knee osteoarthritis

cosmetic-surgeryOsteoarthritis that affects the knees can make everyday life extremely difficult to manage. Everyday tasks like walking or climbing stairs can become painful and difficult. Fortunately, there are some self-help tips you can use to make the condition more manageable.

Medications can block pain

Over-the-counter painkillers, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, are the first line of defence in managing the pain associated with osteoarthritis. You can take these orally, or get painkilling creams that you apply to the affected area. However, these medications are not sufficient to completely stop the pain in all cases of knee osteoarthritis.

Exercise can help you greatly get rid of chronic knee pain

Your doctor might also recommend that you take exercise and try to lose weight. Unfortunately, having osteoarthritis can make it very difficult to do either of these things. However, exercise that strengthens the muscles around the knee can be very beneficial. According to recent medical studies, knee exercises and work outs are useful activities for arthritis patients. You can watch these exercises on a daily morning television show just by sitting at your home.

Below are just a few knee exercises which can greatly help of get rid of chronic knee pain or strain including:

  • Leg Raise – This is a simple knee exercise which can be done at home without any hassle. 
  • Standing Leg Raises – With standing leg raises, you can be able to remove your knee stress or acute pain quickly. You can also do it yourself at home. 
  • Single Leg Dip – It will mainly strengthen up your knee muscles and squads. 
  • Wall Squat – Finally wall squat is recommend by most trainers and physicians which is a useful exercise for runners. 

Consider AposTherapy osteoarthritis treatment

legs-handsAposTherapy osteoarthritis treatment  is a specific treatment for knee osteoarthritis that works on improving the coordination of the network of muscles that are involved in moving the knee. The therapy aims to reduce pain by teaching you to walk in a way that does not strain the damaged muscles. The therapy can also help to improve the range of movement that the muscles have and therefore reduce stiffness.

AposTherapy osteoarthritis treatment address the underlying cause of knee osteoarthritis by changing the forces that are applied to the knee when walking. AposTherapy devices are fitted to the soles of your shoes to subtly change the way that your foot makes contact with the ground. By redistributing the forces that are created in your legs when you walk, these devices can reduce pain and improve mobility.

People who have tried other forms of treatment for knee osteoarthritis without success should definitely consider AposTherapy osteoarthritis treatment. This is a safe, non-invasive treatment that could provide long-lasting relief from pain.