Combat Flabby Arms With Radio Frequencies

Have flabby arms? Want to be rid of the extra flab on under arms? People looking to have arm flab gone may have a way to do just that now. There is a regenerative radio frequency created by The Indiba Deep Beauty Proionic Care System. The system uses the radio frequency to treat under arm flab. The treatment is available in salons and uses a high frequency of currents on the skin. These high frequency currents raise the internal temperature of a person’s skin and in doing so can help to tone and firm sagging skin.

The Proionic arm treatment will mobilise the ions in the person’s skin and adds energy to the body on the inside. The system works off of optimising the ionic exchange within the body, to then balance the electric potential that is within the skin. The person’s skin has added firmness and is toned. The system adds new life to the person’s skin. Radio frequency and the deep action it creates can also be used for other procedures as well, such as regenerating cells, firming targeted areas and improving visible signs of cellulite.

Natural BeautyA cosmetic plastic surgeon, by the name of Paul Banwell, stated that many patients complain about sagging muscles, fat in certain areas of their bodies and extra, flabby skin on their arm. He feels that it is great when he can offer his patients an alternative to invasive surgeries to correct these problems. It aids him and his patients when surgery does not have to be performed, especially because many times there can be scarring from those surgeries as well. Having other options available is also safer for patients too. Many of his patients that have used the Indiba Deep Beauty Proionic Care System radio frequencies has seen very noticeable improvements after only a few treatments. The system worked effectively and quickly. Patients saw an improvement in the tightness of their skin, the contour and shape of their arm and that their arms looked and felt more toned than before.

The treatment only takes 20 minutes, compared to more invasive surgeries and operations, there is no down time and the cost is £45 for each session.

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