The Best Medical Services for Neurological Disorders, Brain trauma, and Neurodegenerative Diseases

dentistBrain and spinal cord injuries are a sad fact of life. The brain is made up of cells and circuits that once damaged, can cause permanent damage. The spinal cord not only sends and receives messages to every part of the body, but also controls motor skills. Becoming paralyzed is often the end result of a major spinal cord injury. Outside of making a patient as comfortable as possible, there was little that the medical community could do to knit damaged brain cells or to fix a severed spine. Today, however, there are a growing number of facilities that are diligently working on changing this status.

Philanthropy and Neuroscience Research

They say that positive change starts with one person who wants to make a difference. There a variety of ways that people can bring a better way of life to others, whether it be a kind word, a donation of old clothes, or on a larger scale, a philanthropist that sees a need. Having a lot of money through inheritance, a profitable corporation, or wise investments, give some individuals the opportunity to change the world in a big way. Building a center for neurological disorders, brain trauma, and neurodegenerative diseases provides hope for many of those afflicted.


Centers for Neurological Study

An example of how philanthropists are listening to the needs in the neurological sector, is with the Lois Pope Miami Project, housed in a state-of-the-art facility, created and paid for through their generous donations. Research and clinical trials are performed in facilities, such as this one, in addition to giving support to the injured, and their families. The studies of nerve growth and myelination are conducted through laboratory testing by the most reputable of scientists. The overall goal is simple, to raise public awareness of the need for SCI research, gather a committed group of scientists from various clinical and scientific disciplines, and get to work to cure paralysis. Centers, just like this one, are on the rise throughout the world, with staff sharing ideas and findings with others.

575021_x-rayedAn Increase in a Cause

There are many areas of neuroscience research that have just begun to scratch the surface for understanding and medical development. Reduced government funding has not given pause to many organizations that feel the advancement of providing a better life for those affected, has to be continued. The old saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way, is living proof that society will come to the aid of a sound cause. Non-profit foundations continue to spring up to bring needed funding to neuroscience research while philanthropists and advocacy groups plead their concerns to Congress.

The bottom line is that injuries to the spinal cord or neurological conditions will, hopefully, one day become a thing of the past. Polio was once an accepted condition that was contracted by thousands, until diligence on the part of many medical and science individuals, finally discovered a cure. This same forward thinking will undoubtedly one day lead to new lives for those with devastating neurology conditions.