Top Tips for Child-Proofing your Living Room

childIf you have ever been fortunate enough to have a child you’ll know that it is not all blue skies and rainbows, often children are a destructive force. Whilst it is of course worth suffering the damages and stress, it would still benefit you to take preventative measures, both for the well being of the children and your pocket. Accidental injuries are the primary cause of death in children over the age of one; it is a very real and upsetting threat, but one that can be stopped. The most at risk of home accidents are children between the ages of 0-4, so if your child falls into this category then you should pay attention – over 500,000 of children under the age of 4 are subject to injury in the home every year.

It doesn’t take extortionate amounts of money to take these steps, in fact these steps are both cost effective and cause minimal impact to your home. To the naked eye there may be very little difference between how your lounge looks before and after the change, some might argue that any notable changes are for the better both practically and stylistically.

If your lounge has a fireplace then you really need to make sure that children are kept away from it as effectively as possible. The best means to achieve this is through a fire grate; this way the child cannot burn themselves or accidentally burn anything else within the open fire. Likewise, it is also best to ensure that anything used to light the fire is kept well out of range.

baby2If there is one thing that used to receive the most attention from the children it was the TV, I would often come home to see it absolutely inundated with smudges. There is also the possibility that the kids could have knocked it from its stand, which puts them at risk of harm. In order to avoid this there is one simple solution – place your TV on a wall mount, I bought LED TV brackets and placed it well out of my children’s reach but I received no complaints, not only did it improve our line of sight but viewing was no longer obstructed by smudges. This step of placing objects out of reach should not merely apply to the TV; any breakable objects should be moved including the likes of lamps and pictures.

If you have any alcohol stored in a cabinet then it would also be in your best interest to keep it locked, I know this seems like a self evident imperative but it is surprising how many people forget. Children often experience the world through touch and taste, which is why I always conceal any electrical wires. All in all it is quite simple, keep children away from dangerous substances, electrical and sharp objects, and make sure there are no areas in which they could suffer a substantial fall.