A Change in the Right Direction

cosmetic (2)With so much emphasis placed on appearance, many women may consider cosmetic surgery. Today there are many options available improving numerous imperfections from face to breast. Two small changes that make a big impact include inverted nipple correction and a mini face lift.

Inverted nipple surgery takes an inverted nipple and changes its direction. This leaves the nipple in the normal direction, facing outward. An inverted nipple has a flat appearance since the nipple is positioned inward into the breast. Many women can be affected by such a condition as an inverted nipple as it poses a threat to their ability to breastfeed or limit to their sexuality. These are two major factors attributed to females. Inverted nipples can be product of breastfeeding where milk ducts have been constricted or scarring has occurred as well as a congenial condition. Regardless of the nature of this imperfection, inverted nipple correction offers the desired look for the patient. As with any surgery involving an incision at the areola, discuss future breastfeeding concerns during consultation, as breastfeeding is typically impossible post-surgery.

Another change in direction involves the gravitational pull on the face played by the aging process. The mini face lift offers a smaller version of a traditional face lift with added benefits. Most notably it is the decreased time advised for recovery. With such a shortened recovery period, this procedure has been nicknamed the “weekend facelift.” Appealing to a wide range of age groups, the mini face lift offers results that appear more normal with a subtle change exhibited. Another advantage of the mini face lift is the capacity to pin point one specific imperfection and take care of it. The surgeon is able to make small incision within the hairline and interior of the mouth to reposition layers over the cheekbone. The lifting and repositioning provide a tightened and more youthful appearance.