Botox price in the UK vs. Abroad

money2You may be familiar with dental and medical tourism, which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and other Western European countries. Medical and dental tourism involve travelling abroad to have treatment, primarily to save money. In recent years, the number of people choosing to have treatment abroad has increased significantly, with popular destinations including Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania and Hungary attracting visitors from the UK, Scandinavia and Western Europe and countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica attracting crowds of American and Canadian tourists.

Travelling abroad for Botox treatment is on the rise; Botox is not one of the most expensive cosmetic treatments, but the results only last 6-9 months and over the course of time, the expense adds up. In the UK, you can expect to pay upwards of £150 per session for one area, so if you are planning two sessions per year for several years, this is quite a significant investment. The price will increase depending on the numbers of areas you have treated.

The most popular reason for going abroad for medical, cosmetic or dental treatment is to save money; fees are notoriously high in the UK compared to other European countries and the same can be said for the USA and Canada. Typically, patients travelling from the UK for Botox treatment can expect to save at least £100 on a treatment course for three areas, which over the course of time amounts to a lot of money.

surgery-5Before you go, check that the clinic is approved and the clinician has proper Botox training course qualifications and expertise of the doctors and clinicians and try to read some reviews so that you can get an idea of other patient’s experiences.

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It is worth pointing out that you have to factor in transport and accommodation costs, so the difference in price may actually not be that substantial, but if you re planning to go away for a weekend or a holiday and you want to have treatment while you are away, this may work out well.