Cosmetic Surgery – Make it Your Choice

Surgery-8I’ve undergone a couple of cosmetic surgery procedures in my time, some more drastic than others. My most recent procedure proved to be more traumatic than successful. As a 50-year old woman, I’ve had the odd nip and tuck here and there, but never anything major. I would occasionally go for the odd botox injection or minor lift around the eyebrows, but never wanted to make any serious changes – I’ve always been unnerved by celebrities on TV looking perpetually surprised because a surgeon has basically grabbed their face and pulled it backwards over their head. The ones that go wrong look horrible – we’ve all seen the disastrous effects of extreme surgery through celebrities like Michael Jackson and Jackie Stallone. So I’ve always been hesitant about anything more than a gentle botox injection.

However, my last procedure was, frankly, as upsetting as if my face had been ruined. Don’t worry, nothing went wrong! After my usual surgeon retired, I went in search of another who would be able to supply me with the regular check-ups and minor surgeries I was accustomed to. What I found, however, was a doctor who seemed to value his paycheck over the welfare of his clients.

He seemed nice enough at first, very welcoming and friendly. But during the initial consultation, where I had only asked for advice regarding a slight eyebrow lift, he reached for his red marker pen and began drawing all over my face – planning a complete overhaul.

surgery-4I was surprised – my old doctor had always let me lead the consultations, had never offered advice for extra procedures, just provided the knowledge when I asked for it. But this new surgeon didn’t even ask – just continued making plans for a full facelift. He even told me I should schedule in some liposuction. I was surprised, offended, but most of all shocked. I allowed myself to be coerced into procedures that I did not necessarily want, because this surgeon’s bedside manner was more analytical and clinical than caring and attentive.

I ended up paying a fortune for procedures that I felt I was pressured into receiving, and while they all went fine and I look much younger, I also feel like I’ve been transformed against my will. It was only after I returned home after the big operation that I realised I had not necessarily wanted it.

So I’m writing this to warn you all! Don’t let any cosmetic surgeons pressure you into transforming your body. After claiming compensation for clinical negligence, I received a pay-out which made up for the costs of my unwanted operations. That doesn’t change the fact that I received improper treatment from a surgeon, and after this ordeal I’m never getting surgery again!