Cosmetic Surgery to the hands and feet

legsMost people don’t think about cosmetic surgery on the feet or hands. It is more commonly a face or torso surgery to fix problem areas or spots that are disliked. Well, I don’t like my feet. I think they are shaped very oddly. My left foot is rather wide from the arch to my toes and looks misshapen. The right foot is not nearly as wide but there are some discolorations that are very visible when I wear open shoes. I understand that these imperfections I see in my feet are not necessarily so noticeable to others, but I see them every day and would like to not see them any longer.

I’m happy with my overall appearance. I have nice legs which I take great care of; shaving every few days and moisturizing every day, my skin tone all over my body is a nice tan color and very smooth, and I think I have a very unique looking face. I have a strict routine I follow each day to ensure that my body stays healthy and that I look good. I think it is very key to happiness to feel good, and looking good is a way that helps to make me feel good. It is also a bonus because my body is in good condition and that hopefully means it will last me to a ripe old age still in this condition with minimal health issues. Beauty is as important on the inside as it is on the outside, meaning well organs and such that function properly.
legs-handsNow back to these feet. I have been unhappy with the look of my feet since I was a teenager. As a child I was picked on by other children when I wore sandals because my feet did not look like everyone else. It didn’t bother me much then because I was raised to not even consider what other people think, what matter is my own opinion of myself. But as I grew older I began to not like my feet either. I’m sure it has a lot to do with being ridiculed as a kid, but nonetheless, this is how it is. Now, being a young woman still unhappy with her feet, I am deciding to do something about it.

Cosmetic surgery poses a good option to me. Although it will be costly, it can fix my problem and save me grief and unhappiness in the long run. I am in the process of finding plastic surgeons for consultations and to get pricing information so that I have an idea of how much money I will need to save. Wish me luck and hope for a good outcome once I go under the knife. This will be a painful road but I must travel it to achieve the feet I should have.




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