Face Lifts – Its Types

dent3The hard truth of life is that people grow older and the painful fact is that the first sign of ageing is visible on the face. The main reason behind wrinkles, sagging skin and crow’s feet is the diminishing collagen production. It is also said that the effects of gravity also play their part in the ageing process. Though you may be happy with the fact that your appearance reflects your youthful spirit and energy but you might not like the visible signs of ageing. There are people who accept the fact and believe in ageing with grace but there are several others who try hard to stop the ageing process. There are several ways to treat this condition and if you are somebody who wants to go for a treatment procedure try opting for face lift since it is quite a popular method. There are even different types of face lifts, from which you can choose the one that would suit you the most.

Face lift makes your skin more smooth, tighten and tone the underlying muscles and lets you get rid of excess skin. The result is younger looking skin, thus youthful appearance and increased confidence. Find some of the facelift techniques below to choose from:

Cutaneous Facelift
If you want to treat your lower face and neck then it is the procedure to opt for. An incision would be made at the hairline above the ear, which would move behind and below the ear. The process is to remove and pull back excess skin thereby creating a younger looking. Thus, this process does not require removing or tightening muscles. One of the oldest yet the best procedures available for face plastic surgery. This is because it has fewer complications as far as muscles and nerves below the skin are concerned.

dent2Traditional Facelift
It is same like the cutaneous facelift process with the added advantage that it also tightens and lifts the underlying muscles giving a long-lasting result.

Liquid Facelift
This is a non-invasive procedure and uses muscle immobilizers and injectable fillers to lift sagging skin and minimize fine lines. This is a great procedure for lip lines, jowls, marionette lines and crow’s feet. In addition, it can correct mild asymmetries below the chin and neck.

Mini Facelift
In this treatment process, incisions are much smaller and done in multiple places. Healing takes place faster in this process. It ought to be noted that this is recommended for younger patients since they have more elastic skin. 

Jaw Line Rejuvenation
In this procedure liposuction is done on the neck to define the jaw line. At times, surgeons remove the fat from that place and deposit it around the cheeks in order to add volume to that area. There are certain kinds of complications associated with this process, which are common for other kinds of facelifts as well. The complications include infections, reaction to anesthesia and hematomas beneath the skin.

You ought to know that the recovery time after the procedure is done can vary from a few weeks to a couple of months depending on the type of face lift treatment opted for. In order to prevent or keep the side effects to the minimum of any face lift surgery, it is always advised to get the treatment done by a renowned and reliable plastic surgeon. A doctor who has done several face lifts in the past is the ideal choice. Finding such a doctor would not be difficult considering availability of wide information on the Internet. However, it is very important to gather the information from reliable sources only. You can also get reference of a doctor from friends or relatives who have undergone the treatment previously.