In what way can a dermatologist help me?

skin peelIf you’re active on a social network you have likely heard friends complaining about various aches and pains. When this happens they either ask for advice for their aches and pains or they visit their physician. This is all well and good, but have you ever noticed that you rarely hear people complaining about their skin issues? Sure, maybe you’ll have a day when someone complains about acne, but there are dozens of common skin conditions that are considered common in the world of dermatology and yet few people talk about their skin issues.

Some estimates point to around 3 billion people living with skin diseases on a regular basis, and many do not seek help. They do not even know what a dermatologist can do to help them, let alone how to find a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a doctor who has extensively studied the skin and has even studied neurology and endocrinology as well. This means that they are exclusively trained in knowing how the body and the skin interact.

cosmetic-surgeryWhen you first visit a dermatologist they will ask you what your problem is and will do a thorough medical history. A physical examination will help to give them a basic idea of what the problem may be and they may take a sample in order to do further testing on it. Within a few days most skin problems can be identified and a solution to fix the problem may be found. It may even be a much more simple solution than you would ever have dreamed!

It’s important for people who are dealing with any sort of skin condition to realize that a dermatologist is trained and experienced in dealing with a wide array of different skin conditions. While your general practitioner is the perfect person to turn to for most medical issues, for skin issues you should always consult a qualified and experienced dermatologist.

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