The Damon System

bracesDental advances mean there are now a whole range of choices available for people seeking to have their teeth straightened. So, which one to choose? Today the options on the table seek and promise to make the process easier, quicker and smoother. So which one to choose? Well you may be interested to learn more about The Damon System, which promises to make teeth-straightening a more comfortable and speedier experience. Sound good? Come and find out more.

The Damon System – Let’s Learn More

What is The Damon System then? Well, this refers to a treatment using fast, fixed braces to the teeth. The key advantage of this procedure is that it boasts low friction mechanics.

Using a different form of wire and brackets brace to the traditional train tracks, they seek to put less force on your teeth, with a slide mechanism offering a superior alternative to elastics binding the traditional braces to the teeth.

This, in turn, creates a number of benefits:

* Overall a more comfortable procedure – less pain!

* Less Trips to the dentist for treatment and check-ups.

* A speedier process than the traditional methods that have been used for teeth-straightening. It is reckoned that Damon braces are four to six months quicker than traditional fixed orthodontists.

* With no elastic ties, which can attract and collect plaque, dentists believe The Damon System is better for oral health than traditional train tracks.

* Damon braces are designed to be more discreet in appearance – although do note that they are not invisible.

Are there any downsides?

graftAs with any cosmetic dental treatment, there’s the chance there may be some slight discomfort at first, including a possible minor effect on speech. However, in most cases any teething problems are likely to disappear after a period of time as the user gets used to wearing the braces.

The fact that there’s no need for elastic or metal ties, which can cause irritation to the soft tissue or gums, should ensure the patient has a more comfortable experience than with the traditional methods used in the past for teeth-straightening.

How much will it cost me?

Pricing is likely to depend on the dental surgery you visit so it’s hard to give an exact price range as surgeries’ rates will differ. However, you can expect to pay a similar amount as you would for traditional braces. It’s also worth bearing in mind that dentists are normally able to offer payment plans to suit the individual’s budget to make the costs a little easier.

What should I do next?

As discussed earlier, there are of course a wide range of options available for people wanting to get their teeth straightened and the best thing to do would be to speak with your local dentist or orthodontist for advice before deciding the best procedure to suit you, your teeth – and your wallet.

The Damon System promises patients a more comfortable experience than using traditional train track braces. Speed and comfort – Damon braces demonstrate further our continued advances in cosmetic dentistry. Long may that continue!

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