What is breast reduction surgery

surgeryWhat is breast reduction surgery and what does it consist of? Is Breast Reduction only found in women? The answer to the latter question is simply, no. Reduction of the breast is most commonly found in women; however, the number of men who is seeking breast reduction is on the rise.

Men also have extensive problems with weight gain in the breasts. Large breasts in both men and women, and even young children, are caused by different reasons. Large breasts can be a generic symptom or even in normal body growth. Those who have a weight gain problem also experience weight gain in the breasts. Another reason for large breasts is a hormone imbalance. This can be seen in young teens but is most common in women during and after menopause when hormones are out of balance. There are also many other reasons for large breasts but regardless of the reasons, it affects thousands of men, women, young boys and girls.

Many who have this problem face extensive peer pressure, low self esteem and self confidence issues. While most find help through Breast Reduction for cosmetic purposes, there are others who wish for this procedure for health and medical purposes. Some women and men find active sports embarrassing and painful especially if the sport requires extensive running or jumping. Because of the excessive weight and size of the breasts, such sports are often eliminated.

breast-2Breast Reduction cosmetic surgery relieves stress and tension mostly from an emotional stand point. However, Breast Reduction surgery, also known as, Mammoplasty, often is sought to relieve back and neck pain. Many seek this procedure to eliminate uncomfortable attire. Purchasing and wearing fitted clothing is often a challenge. Those who elect Breast Reduction find happiness and contentment. Though some regain weight back in the breasts after surgery, the success rate is very high.

What should one expect on the day of surgery and the days that follow? After much consideration and an extensive consultation with a chosen surgeon, the patient is ready to undergo surgery. The procedure generally takes two to four hours to complete. Excess fatty tissues are carefully removed from each breast. Each breast’s nipple may be repositioned according to the reduction of the breast. There are no known long term side effects to Breast Reduction surgery. After the procedure is finished, rest and recovery is a must. Most patients find that after surgery their breasts are very tender and sore. This is common after surgery and some localized bruising may also be an issue. It is common to allow four to six weeks for complete recovery from Breast Reduction cosmetic surgery.

Some disappointing effects from surgery may include but not be limited to, soreness of the breasts, numbness, swelling and breast size indifference. Having a complete discussion with the surgeon may eliminate the worries and fears of these concerns. Overall, Breast Reduction cosmetic surgery is practiced on a daily basis with much study and care. Most women, men and young teens are completely satisfied with the new appearance that they have. Giving back self confidence, raising self esteem, and promoting a healthier physical lifestyle, is generated through Breast Reduction.

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