How to become a dentist

There is a wide range of undergraduate courses available both in the UK and abroad which enables a student to go onto postgraduate and vocational training. In order to become a dentist it is important to have completed an undergraduate degree in dentistry and a candidate would need to take a BDS Bachelors degree in order to qualify to become a dentist.
There are many educational institutions such as Kings College Dublin ranked 2nd for dentistry which offer the BDS qualification as well as postgraduate and vocational training. Many undergraduate training programs in dentistry have specialised dental schools linked to the university which gives thorough and detailed training. Undergraduate dental education enables the student to get hands on experience as well as theoretical knowledge of the subject of dentistry.
All dentists  are required to have undertaken undergraduate training and completed their BDS degree in order to practice as a dentist. One you have completed your undergraduate dental education you will then be given the opportunity to follow postgraduate dental training where you will learn skills such as the more challenging procedures such as root canals etc . Once you have completed your postgraduate training you will then be able to register yourself as dentist with the General Dental Council (GDC).
Many dentists have furthered their career and opened up their own dental practices as a result of excellent undergraduate dental education that has set the foundation for their careers. A dentistry career is only a step away in the recession, as you can take advantage to make your career and education a success.

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