Modern Methods of Teeth Restoration

dentalWhen we hear about restoration of a tooth, we cannot help but imagine a stub of tooth, which should be restored by means of some incredible efforts. The most amazing thing that quite often it is true. Another thing is that the process of tooth sculpting looks different in general and prosthetic dentistry. Therapists are engaged exclusively in defects sealing. Therefore, if the tooth is only partially destroyed by caries, then filling a cavity with special sealing material completely restores the tooth structure. This means that any general dentist is engaged in teeth restoration. But the restoration of a tooth that has serious defects require the therapist a few hours of restoration work using modern materials. Therefore, if the tooth is decayed significantly or absent than orthopedists will take care or its restoration. So, there are 3 stages of tooth decay: minor, significant and complete. Minor decay (mainly due to caries) is treated quite effectively. In case of total loss of tooth restoration process is called prosthesis. If part of the tooth is damaged and should be sculptured, then this is a tooth restoration. Each of these examples has its own methods, varieties and technologies of recovery. I will try to give a brief description of methods that are used by Toronto dentists.

Restoration of lost tooth structure. Two basic methods for partially damaged tooth restoration are used in prosthetic dentistry. Inlays and onlays are used in cases, when the crown of the tooth is partially preserved and the cavity defect it in can be restored through filling with proper material. Inlays (veneers) allow you to restore a tooth with high abrasion and protect it from further destruction. Pins are used to strengthen the root of the tooth and recreate the lost crown part. If inlays and onlays are used in cases of partial loss of the crown, pins are usually used for restoration of the entire tooth with a healthy root. A pin is a micro prosthesis of the tooth crown. It consists of an artificial crown and the pin itself.

dental-Dental prosthetics is the only way to fully restore the lost teeth. Highly qualified Toronto dentists are able to restore lost teeth, perfectly in accordance with natural aesthetics and the most careful attitude to healthy tissues and organs. Dentures can be removable and non-removable. This means that the dentures must be periodically removed from the oral cavity, and non-removable dentures are installed for a long term wear. They are called implants.

Which method is better: the restoration or prosthesis with implants? It depends primarily on the state of the dentition. Modern Toronto dentist try to save every tooth. They believe that natural organs in any case are better than artificial. Today natural organs saving approach has spread over all medicine and dentistry is not an exception. It turns out that if there is a choice between restoration and prosthetics with implants, you must first try to restore the tooth and leave a prosthesis as a fallback. Implants installation is justified in case of complete loss of tooth. Modern methods of tooth restoration allow the dentist to carry out procedures, which seemed impossible 10 years ago due to availability of new materials and technologies.

Ellen Page for Allonfour company, providing dental implants in Toronto.