Teeth Straightening


Many of us would probably admit a yearning for a Hollywood smile – if we haven’t already got one that is! Something to dazzle others and to make us feel good about our appearance. Perhaps some of us are unhappy that our teeth might be crooked or maybe they have been discoloured or chipped.

In this day and age there are numerous ways of improving our appearance through getting our teeth straightened. From traditional braces to veneers, the possibilities are endless. Our intention is to give you a brief synopsis of the different treatments available to get your teeth straightened.

Fixed Braces

a) Fixed Orthodontic Braces

OK, these are the traditional braces you may have had in mind when thinking about methods of teeth straightening. The procedure is fairly simple – metal wires are attached to the front of the teeth and tightened over time to get them into a straighter position. Modern advances mean you can get coloured braces and even tooth-coloured ceramic brackets.

b) Lingual Braces

Think of the traditional fixed orthodontic braces – but in reverse. These are fitted to the back of the teeth, making them a more aesthetically-pleasing option for the patient.

c) Damon Braces

Designed to avoid the pain of friction, Damon Braces don’t have any elastic ties. So, they are more comfortable for the user and a quicker solution than conventional braces.

d) The Six-Month Smile

This is a relatively new treatment blending tooth-coloured brackets and wires which focus on shifting the teeth which are seen when a patient smiles. The object is to provide a speedy solution.


a) Invisalign

The clue is in the name! Moving away from the image of metal wiring, these are similar to plastic gum shields which are not very noticeable due to the fact they are see-through. The aligners are changed every two weeks.

b) Inman Aligner

Now, think of a cross of braces and Invisalign and you’re just about there. The Inman Aligner has some metal components and, as the name would suggest, is a removable aligner which helps shift the teeth into position over time.


You may be interested to learn about porcelain veneers, which while not technically straightening the teeth do give the appearance of providing a perfect smile. These are placed over the front of the patient’s teeth and are a solution for crooked and chipped teeth. Quick, easy and less painful than braces – although part of your teeth may need to be removed to ensure the veneers can be fixed on.

Teeth Straightening – Final Pointers

Hopefully the above information has helped inform you on the choices out there. Some methods of teeth straightening are unfortunately not suitable for everybody so it’s all about deciding what is right for the individual. Speak to your dentist to help you further. Different factors will need to be decided – what’s practical, what’s comfortable and in many cases, what’s cost-effective.

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