Personal Trainer Courses

back-painPersonal trainers are individuals who are involved in maintaining the health and fitness of their clients through offering them exercise physically and mentally. They assist individuals in living a healthy and stress free life. They should be multi-skilled and act as role models in living a healthy lifestyle. As you work with different individuals you must be able to listen to your clients and create tailored programmes to fit their needs. Because of the extensive work involved, personal trainers have to be organized, pushy, encouraging, enduring, and critical.

Standards in the fitness and health industry are rising and so are the personal trainer credentials. After certification it is paramount to further your qualifications to become a specialist, people will consider you more informed and consequently trust you more if your knowledge is kept up to date. A certified personal trainer can look for a job or decide to start his own fitness business.


The most popular courses is the Level 3 Personal Trainer course which comprises of; Master Personal Trainer Diploma, Personal Trainer Certificate, Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy, Nutrition for physical activity among others. Personal trainers must acquire certificate of qualifications from the experienced and accredited bodies in the world of fitness and health for example; Premier Training Diploma, FIE Certified Personal Trainer, Lifetime HF Personal Trainer, YMCA Personal Trainer Diploma and Future Fit Training Personal Trainer Courses.

It is imperative to look for a favourable working environment that guarantees client satisfaction. It is a requirement from health and fitness governing bodies to take insurance cover for the business, owner of the business and their clients. A successful personal training business demands a high-quality reputation to maintain and expand its market niche.