7 Secrets Behind Healthy Lifestyle

health-foodMaintaining a healthy lifestyle is absolutely necessary. If you are sick, you will incur hefty hospital bills as well as unproductive life while in a hospital bed or relaxing at home. Below find seven secrets behind a healthy lifestyle

1. Eat a balanced diet
It is a good practice to eat a balanced diet in all your meals. The food you eat should contain proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates as well as mineral salts. All these nutrients are useful in maintaining a health.

2. Exercise on a regular basis
It is recommended that you should exercise of a regular basis. Most online sources recommend that you should visit the gym at least three times in a week. Other activities that you can participate in include early morning jog or late evening jog, swimming or walking. All these activities contribute significantly to a healthy lifestyle.


3. Do not over eat
Avoid over eating at all costs, this means that you should eat in moderation. As a golden rule eat more food in the morning and eat less food in the evening. As the saying goes eat breakfast like a king and eat dinner like a beggar. This is because if you over eat in the evening, most of this food will be digested while you are asleep and stored in your body as fat. With time you will add excessive weight and become obese.

4. Eat healthy foods
It is a good practice to eat fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts and legumes. These foods contain a high fiber content that helps in digestion. Plant based food is also a better option when compared to animal based food such as beef, mutton, cheese and pork among others. Avoid eating the so called junk foods like burgers and pizza. Such foods contain high calories that contribute to excessive weight loss.


5. Reduce stress
Stress is known to cause various dangerous diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure among others. It is a good idea to find ways and means to reduce stress in your life. Take some time off from work and go for a holiday away from the busy city life. While on holiday minimize access to your mobile phones and access to emails.

6. Quit smoking & excessive intake of alcoholic beverages
Smoking and excessive drinking is known to cause many diseases. Cigarette smoking is known to cause lung cancer and throat cancer among other disease, while excessive intake of alcoholic beverages in known to cause liver disease. Most of this disease cannot be cured. For this reason quit smoking and take alcohol in moderation.

7. Social network
Relationships with family, friends and colleagues help us to live a healthy life and protect us from diseases such as depression, mental illness among others. It is a good idea to spend time with your cousins, parents, friends, neighbours, co-workers and have fun with them.

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