Choosing the right braces for you

Pretty young girl wearing bracesIn the last decade alone, the choice of orthodontic treatments available to patients in the UK has grown rapidly. Now, patients have an amazing array of options to choose from, from fixed braces to removable appliances.

With so much choice on offer, it can sometimes be a little confusing trying to make a decision. Which treatment is best? Would a fixed brace or removable braces b best? Do I want to sacrifice style over speed or is there a treatment that offers everything I need or want? All these questions can be answered by the dentists at many private clinics.

Finding the right treatment

Private dentists offers a range of treatments, with options to cater for patients with all degrees of orthodontic needs. The treatment list boasts the latest innovations, as well as long-term favourites, which have an excellent track record, and there is something for everyone.

One of the most important things to consider when you are choosing an orthodontic treatment is your orthodontic prescription. Some treatments are designed for minor issues, while others are suitable for addressing more complex needs and you will probably find that your range of options is heavily dependent on your needs.

bracesOnce your dentist has assessed your needs during a consultation, they can outline the treatments, which may be of benefit to you, explain how they work and chat to you to ascertain your priorities and what you are looking for from your treatment. Some patients are desperate for a clear brace, while others are keen to try a removable brace and it’s important to understand how the different treatments work and what advantages they offer to enable you to make a well-informed decision. Your dentist will also take other factors into account, such as treatment time and budget, as there can be a huge variation in both times and costs.

The options

Popular orthodontic treatments include traditional fixed braces, Six Month Smiles, CFast and Damon Braces, for patients who prefer a fixed brace and Invisalign by Dr Adam Thorne, Clearstep and Simpli5 for those who prefer a removable brace. Lingual braces are also a very popular option; these are fixed braces, which are attached to the back of the teeth, for total invisibility.