Courage To Walk The Cat Walk

surgeonAudrey Macfarlane believed she would never be able to do something so daring as walk on the cat walk 2 years ago. A mum or two, she had lost a breast to breast cancer. She never wore revealing clothing and chose neck high tops because she felt she had lost her femininity. However, this Davidson’s Main resident will be walking down a fashion runway. There will be hundreds of on lookers and she will be doing it in the name of a charity that is very close to her.

Audrey Macfarlane is 43 and feels that the new spirit she has is owed to her amazing reconstructive surgery. She has said that the experience changed how she looked at her life. It made her feel like a different person and made her a stronger person. Although she does not want to draw attention to the fact that she had surgery, she does feel wonderful about herself.

Back in 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This occurred only two weeks after finding out that her father had throat cancer. Her father passed away the following year, however her mastectomy was successful and a year later she was on the road to recovery.

She stayed positive and threw herself into work. Things happened fast. After the mastectomy, she found out she would not need chemotherapy since it was caught so early. She has another bought of corrective surgery to under go and she hopes that doing the fashion show will mark the end of her ordeal in life. She remembers that she was 41 when she found out she had breast cancer. Her daughter was only 7 and her son was only 14. She struggled to figure out how to tell them and her parents. She didn’t know what to say to her father who was struggling also. She realized it took her on a journey that she never expected. However, through it all she had support and guidance from Breast Cancer Care. She wanted to be able to give something back to them, as well as close the door on this final chapter of her life.

She will appear on the cat walk for the aid to Breast Cancer Care on September 30th at the Radission SAS Hotel in Glasgow. She is part of 20 other women who are breast cancer survivors. Last year’s show raised over £145,000 for breast cancer fundraising.

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