How to Get Casters the Best for Infants

babiesWhen a hospital wants to purchase casters for a gurney that will transport infants, the hospital administrators naturally want the very best products that are available. After all, this special gurney will be transporting newborn babies to and from the nursery. The gurney may also be used to take the baby to another floor for medical treatment or surgery. The casters on this gurney must possess several qualities in order to serve these little patients in a hospital. Consider some of those necessary qualities.

First, the casters must turn in a smooth fashion. An orderly pushing an infant in a gurney must turn corners within a hospital as well as move in and out of elevators. The infant needs to remain still and calm throughout the ride. Casters that make smooth turns without any jolting motions or sudden stops are a must-have for this type of gurney.

Next, even if an infant gurney is traveling up or down a straight hallway, there should be little to no noise made by the casters or wheels. If a baby is ill, he or she needs rest. Squeaks or loud noises made by casters have the potential to wake a sleeping baby and cause it distress. Professional, well-made casters are whisper quiet when they are in operation.

babysitterCasters that go on a gurney designed to transport infants must have quality brakes on them. An orderly transporting an infant will likely put on the brakes when riding in an elevator to take an infant to another floor. The brakes must stop the gurney completely and not allow it to move. This is important because it adds to safety and secure feeling of the baby. Any sharp or jerky movements are liable to disturb the baby and cause it to cry. The gurney should not move even when the elevator comes to a stop.

Finally, casters must be durable. A large hospital with a busy maternity floor may transport infants both long and short distances throughout the day. The casters on a gurney must be able to withstand traveling over hard floors, carpet and even the metal slats beneath an elevator door. A gurney should stay in good condition and serve as reliable transportation whenever an infant needs to go elsewhere in the hospital. Hospital administrators who want to order new casters for their infant gurneys will want to learn more about the specific features of each type of caster.