Looking After Your Family’s Medical Care

familyIf you are currently not experiencing all required benefits from your medical aid, it may be wise to look at switching to another scheme. Quite a few schemes offer insufficient cover for maternity and orthodontic treatment – benefits which are relatively common and important. Some South African Medical Aid schemes offer more cover for some things than others, such as oncology and prosthesis.

If you think you may want to change schemes, it is best to start looking early before you actually need the specific cover. If you later have a particular condition, there may be a waiting period involved for any new scheme.

In terms of maternity benefits, the birth will be covered by any scheme, but may not cover all required scans and check-ups. Some schemes are available which include up to 12 appointments as well as some appointments with a paediatrician after the birth.

The majority of schemes will not cover orthodontic treatment as it can be quite expensive. Some schemes have separate benefits for dentistry so that your savings are not affected. The treatments included under this include crowns and bridges, and root canal treatment.


If you do want to change your medical aid scheme, the first step is to select the scheme that most suits the requirements of you and your family. You will then need to give your current scheme one month’s notice of your leaving. In order to get on the new scheme an application form will need to be completed, and the terms of acceptance should be confirmed. This will ensure that there will be no gap in between the old scheme finishing and the new one starting.

The advantages of changing your medical aid scheme are that you can receive a better level of cover for certain things, as well as getting more benefits for your money. The downside is the waiting periods that could be imposed if you suffer from a chronic illness or if you have not had any form of cover for over two years.