Lose The 38KKK Breasts or Die

BreastsSheyla Hershey is a Brazilian women that may have the largest breasts in the world. Her size 38KKK breasts have had numerous breast implant operations performed on them. However, along with her large breasts is a large breast infection that she could die from unless she has one breast removed. Sheyla Hershey admitted that she has contracted a deadly infection due to breast surgery. The infection occurred when she had surgery again on her 38KKK breast implants in Brazil. The infection has continued to worsen since the initial infection. It has become extremely painful as well and she will die if it not taken care of.

The 30 year old mother was told that she must lose one of the breasts to live. This is the only way she can beat the infection. She stated that surgeons have told her that she may have at least an 80 percent chance of keeping at least one breast. However, she also stated to Britain’s The Sun newspaper that she does not want to keep one and lose the other. However, she was told and realizes that her chances of being able to keep both breasts is only 10 or 20 percent due to the type of infection she has.

The infection took place after she underwent another breast surgery. It was the ninth breast surgery that she had had. She had the surgery performed in Brazil a month ago. Once she realized she had the infection, she then went over seas to the United States hoping that doctors there could cure the breast infection. She also hoped she would be able to still fulfill her dream of having even larger breasts than she does currently. However, once in the United States and with doctors there, they refused to perform additional breast implant surgeries on her. The doctors refused to add more silicone to her breasts. They did however agree to treat her infection only.

Sheyla Hershey has spoke again about the breast infection has left in horrible pain and regular discomfort. The formal model has spoke about her pain, but also her desire to still have even larger breasts.

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