Omega-3 as a Possible Treatment for Psoriasis

teen5Omega-3 is a known supplement that is beneficial for the heart. It is a well known dietary supplement that can strengthen cardio health and even be beneficial for the brain development of kids and adults.

Psoriasis on the other hand is an autoimmune disorder. It is based on the irregularity of  T cell functions. Psoriasis or the reddening, inflammation and scaling of the skin is very uncommon in places where fish is a common diet.

An overview of omega-3
Omega-3 – Omega-3 fatty acids are present in cell membranes but the body can’t produce it. It can affect bodily functions but can supplement it to an advantage as well.

Omega-3 is a known anti-inflammatory. It has the major omega-3 components in terms of ALA, EPA and DHA. The three are polysaturated. It’s one major function is lowering of triglyceride levels and in lowering blood pressure.

What is Psoriasis?
Psoriasis is a known skin disorder that may cause skin drying, scaling of the skin, inflammation and redness. The condition causes the skin cells to grow quickly thus may result to silvery and red patches in the skin. It occurs in any part of the body but can be most notable in the elbows, the knees and the scalp.

Psoriasis occur due to the mis-triggering in the immune system. It affects 3% of people worldwide and can affect those who age from 11 to 45. Psoriasis isn’t just a physical symptom but it can cause social problems and even discrimination among the sufferers.

Pretty young girl wearing bracesOmega 3 and Psoriasis
In recent studies, it has been found out that omega 3 can be a factor in easing out Psoriasis. That reason would be due to the anti-inflammatory component of omega-3.

Common treatment for Psoriasis is immune suppressant drugs, but it cannot stop it, but it can slow it down. Thus, omega-3 may be very helpful in tempering the condition.

The omega-3 can promote the proper conversion of EPA that can lead to bad eicosanoids to be counterattacked by good ones. Reoccurrence can be avoided by the regular intake of the omega-3 from supplements and even from the natural produce such as fish and calamari.

But then omega-3 could only be a support and shouldn’t be thought of as the major cure. Medical advice as well as treatment choices should be laid down to the patient.

Though there is still a big leap that has to be taken in terms of the psoriasis study and omega-3, the little studies has become a conclusive proof in a small scale basis.

The Verdict
The omega-3 as a supplement can be a very effective way in curing certain signs of psoriasis. It may not altogether stop every symptoms but it can address those that are related to pain and inflammation, thus lessening the burden of those who has it.

If you are a psoriasis patient, it can only be positive to seek all possible treatments. And more often, a good emotional health and a strong belief that you will survive it can really get you through the treatment healed and unscathed.