Teen Self-Harm Disorder Treatment: Parent Support

444500_self-portraitTeen Self-Harm Disorder Treatment is a multi-faceted therapeutic approach, designed to help teens that are suffering from the Impulse-Control Disorder of repetitively harming themselves.  Most often, these harmful behaviors involve the teens cutting or burning themselves, but can include other things as well.  Understandably, this disorder is a very alarming and confusing one for parents to go through with their teens.  Numerous questions are common for parents to struggle with, including wondering why their teens are hurting themselves; why their teens can’t just stop doing it; how they can make their teens stop; and sometimes, what they’ve done “wrong” or how they can better support their teens so that things like this don’t happen.  This parent confusion can be made even more exasperating because, very often, teens will claim that they know it’s wrong, they do want to stop, and they’re trying; unfortunately, because of the nature of the disorder, the impulse to continue committing the acts overpowers all other efforts not to, and thus, the behaviors continue.  In order to help parents get the information, support, and guidance they need while their teens are undergoing Teen Self-Harm Treatment, we highly recommend participating in a form of parent support throughout this time.

Hair-lossAs a parent, any time that your kid is struggling, you’re struggling.  Therefore, when your teen is experiencing something as serious as a Teen Self-Harm Disorder, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin and how to help.  The first thing we recommend is to take the step of getting your teen professional help from a reputable provider of Teen Self-Harm Disorder Treatment.  Most importantly, getting your teen a professional will immediately begin the journey to their relief and recovery, and secondly, it lightens the load and pressure you feel as a parent, as if it’s all up to you.  The truth is, it’s not; it’s all up to your teen.  But by providing them with the professional support they need, they’re going to be equipped to make positive choices and begin moving in the right direction.

Once your teen begins Teen Self-Harm Disorder Treatment, it can be extremely helpful- both to you and your teen- for you to engage in some sort of parent support and/or guidance.  At our facilities, we incorporate such Parent therapy sessions as well as Parent Effectiveness Training along with all of our Teen Treatment programs. Learn more about the support parents can give their adolescents here. Within the scope of these treatments, we aim to educate parents as to what’s happening; engage them as to what their teens’ treatment incorporates; answer any questions they might have about the disorder and/or their teens’ experience; and support and guide them as to how to best communicate with and support their teen, throughout the process.  This helps to make parents more comfortable, confident, and at ease both during their teens’ treatment process, as well as when they return home, ultimately creating a healthier, more positive environment for everyone involved.