The Bad Effect of Drugs to physical and Teenager’s Mental

smoking (1)Some children begin to experiment with drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Over time, the consistent use of a substance can lead to a full-fledged addiction. Unfortunately, this can cause a number of physical and mental problems for a developing teenager. If the teen does not get the necessary help for their addiction, it can have a devastating impact on their future. Here are some of the key signs of teenage addiction.

Different crowd of friends It is not uncommon for a teenager who uses drugs to hang out with a different crowd. In most cases, the new group of friends will also be using drugs and alcohol. The additional peer pressure makes it very difficult for the teen to seek help.

As time goes on, the bond between the addict and their friends will continue to grow stronger. Neglect of responsibilities Drug use can cause a very responsible teenager to suddenly become reckless. Not only could the teen begin to skip school, but they will also tend to avoid their household chores. The teen’s primary focus will be obtaining their drug of choice.

Acquiring a summer job or preparing for college will be the last thing on their mind. Change of behavior although children can become moody for a variety of different reasons, drug use will cause a drastic change in a teenager’s behavior. While some teens may choose to stay to themselves, others may become extremely angry and emotional. They will no longer find their previous hobbies to be enjoyable. A “spaced out” demeanor should warrant immediate concern.

Teen AngstA large percentage of teenage drug users will also experience daily mood swings. Physical changes Drug use can have a detrimental effect on the physical appearance of a teenager. They may begin to care less about their personal hygiene. A sudden change in weight should always raise a red flag. Bloodshot eyes, tooth decay, and extreme fatigue are all signs of drug use.

Some kids will also develop bags under their eyes due to a lack of sleep. Legal Problems If the teen is financially unable to support their habit, they may be forced to steal in order to obtain the money. Drug-addicted teens tend to lose their inhibitions. This may prompt them to participate in a variety of illegal activities. Some of the illegal acts include vandalism, intoxicated driving, and fighting.