The Benefits of Seeing an Osteopath

Teen AngstWhether you’re working in the insurance industry in Aldgate or in the business sector in the Willis Building or at the London Metal Exchange, chances are that you are sitting at your desk or exhibiting poor posture in the workplace.  If your lifestyle and diet are poorly maintained and your office chair is not ergonomically correct, you may be experiencing back pain that is almost unbearable.  Did you know that relief and good health are just a phone call away? Let’s look at some benefits that you will receive when you schedule an appointment with a trusted osteopath who may be located within your working area.

The Broadgate Osteopathy Clinic near Aldgate can help to relieve your back pain caused from a combination of poor posture and a less-than-nutritious diet

  1. Your osteopath will ascertain your problems and offer a diagnosis for pain relief.  This professional will listen carefully to your descriptions of your condition, observe your range of motion, do an examination of your joints and muscles and determine what your overall physical condition is.
  2. He specialises in diagnosing your problem, managing your condition, and the treatment of the pain and suffering that you are experiencing.  He will offer suggestions about how together you can work on your musculoskeletal abnormalities and achieve improved health and well-being.  Don’t expect to be completely cured overnight; you didn’t arrive at this condition quickly and the remedy that your osteopath designed for you will take some time to complete.
  3. He can recommend exercises that you can do at home or in the office to help your pain. Whether you are doing stretches at home or sitting with the correct posture at your desk in the workplace, your osteopath can make suggestions and recommendations for you to do outside of his office that will expedite your treatment.  Be sure to ask questions if you don’t understand how to perform the activities that he says you should do; it’s better to ask and understand than to be confused and injure your already-stressed muscles and
  4. By manipulating your spine and joints your osteopath will help you to feel better and the pain to ease.  As you begin treatment you’ll begin to feel better but it is imperative that you continue the treatment until the osteopath releases you from his care.  The healing process will take numerous visits, work on your own, and attention to your diet, lifestyle, and posture to be complete and effective.
  5. You’ll be informed that you may be sore in the first hours following treatment.  Because your muscles and joints have been functioning in an improper way, you may feel sore after an adjustment by your professional.  Taking a warm bath or relaxing with an ice pack may alleviate your soreness. 

When convenience is an issue for your busy work schedule, you should make an appointment at the Broadgate Osteopathy Clinic near Aldgate which may be in close proximity to your office building.  Wherever you’re located in Aldgate, it will be worth the effort to make an appointment with a professional who can improve your health and well-being.

Image courtesy of:  David Castillo Dominici

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