Tip On Accident Prevention

paramedicAt least 41 000 deaths on the roads

are registered in the United States each year since 1993. Death by car accident is usually caused by negligence, recklessness, and other factors such as alcohol causes wheel. Two famous people who have their untimely death by car accident American Hollywood icon James Dean and Princess Diana.

death in the street

James Dean drove west on Highway 466 near Cholame, California, when a 1950 Ford Tudor, driven from the opposite direction, tried the fork, take the Highway 466 route (later California State Route 46) and see the way James Deans’ without going through the other car. The two cars collided head-on. Dean was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead arrival.

In 1997, Princess Diana died after a car crash at high speed in the Alma road tunnel in Paris with Pon Dodi Al-Fayed. The car has been to try on riding to escape the paparazzi. His black Mercedes-Benz crashed into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel. are the Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed died in the terrible car accident injuries.

If good came out of these tragedies is that more people were on the dangers of driving irresponsibly. The news of the death of James Dean and Princess Diana was a warning to people who drove recklessly with her. It is also used as a warning to those who are cautious in their driving in the sense that they were formed & # XE9; s served that even the most careful driver can get in accidents because of drivers irresponsible.

Tips to avoid car accidents

In addition, you’re a safe driver, there are circumstances beyond your will. However, precautionary measures is of great help to avoid car accidents. Here are some tips on safer driving.

1 Do not use cell phones while driving-Have you not heard the news because this phone is gadget dandy, you will find more of what you negotiate. If this request is so important? Can not wait? You must surely be distracted. Its even more dangerous when the route.
2 DO A CAR check regularly as possible, every car requires regular maintenance. Check your brakes, tires, mirrors, lamps and even the windshield wipers.
3 SCAN AHEAD fix your eyes and scan the car to the head.
4-attentive If you slow down, put your hazard lights on the drivers behind you when you see it slowed down to a warning.
5 Know your limits car and all vee ; vehicles are not exactly equal to the mini-van to go as fast as a sports car exotic. That’s a limitation of performance of each car. Learn skills.
6 Keep your car in good shape a maintenance plan.
7 Night, is not the best time-If you travel a long distance at night if you are hazards in general. You’re already in a state of physical and mental exhaustion. Your view may already fallen. Drive as carefully to the witching hour and keep your headlights.

car-breaks8 If you drink do not drive reversed, it is a great mortal sin, if you … that drunk driving is how to schedule an appointment with “death” in the best.
9 And you keep your car clean and tidy A-Car disorder is another post after the traffic accident. Why? If some items around and it slides or rolls under the brake pedal, your attention was taken off the road and what happens next, you lose control of the car. Leave

These tips may not be foolproof against road accidents, but, once of prevention is better than nothing. A vehicle is an invention of man can not live without. But if you do not wisely, it could make a valuable contribution, what most people create value on the earth, and — – LIFE!

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