Using a Safer Approach with Biological Dentistry

dental-There was a time when people refused to treat their health problems and illnesses with the aid of alternative medicine. However, with time, when the side effects and dangers associated with conventional medicine came to light; the concept of alternative medicine gained popularity. It turned out to be a healthier and natural approach that could render the same results. This very same concept is applicable in the field of dentistry. Although the concepts of traditional dentistry have been around since the dawn of time, there are risks inherent in them that are a turn off. This is said to be the reason why the approach of biological dentistry is flourishing worldwide, especially amongst health conscious individuals.

This type of dentistry condemns the use of toxic materials for treatment and takes into account the unrecognized impact of dental infections and disease on the overall health of individuals. Expert biological dentist of the opinion that there are far reaching consequences for the entire body because of oral health issues such as root canals, misalignment of the teeth and jaw, infections, cavities and allergy producing or toxic materials. It is recognized and understood by a biological dentist that the different tooth sites share a connection with meridians, organs and vertebrae levels.

graftA dentist following the principles and concepts of the biological approach aims to provide a drug free treatment to patients. In this practice, the health of the entire body is considered and incorporated due to which natural and non-toxic materials are utilized for treatment. This form of treatment is becoming increasingly preferable because people have realized that health problems are interconnected and problem in one area can rub off on another. Different areas of concerns are addressed by biological or holistic dentistry. The first and most crucial element to be addressed is the use of mercury in silver or amalgam fillings.

Biological dentistry replaces the amalgam fillings with tooth colored or composite fillings as they are free of mercury. Dentists following the biological approach use hypnosis instead of opting for the drugs or chemical anesthetics that are an important part of conventional dentistry. With hypnosis, the patients do not feel any pain and discomfort, but are fully awake and aware of the procedure that’s being performed. Apart from that, a biological dentist also implements homeopathic remedies in treatment because of their tranquilizing effect. No drugs are used for alleviating stress. Instead, foxglove or gelmesium is used for achieving the same purpose.

The biological approach also makes use of aromatherapy where patients are soothed and hormonal balance is establishing by inhaling plant oils. Moreover, biological dentists also inform patients of the negative impact on their health because of an unbalanced diet that leads to inadequate nutrition. An unhealthy diet is said to be the primary cause of some oral health problems such as cavities and periodontal disease. A biological dentist provides advice and guidance to the patients in regard to nutrition and lifestyle for ensuring optimal oral and overall health. Therefore, biological dentistry is much beneficial than conventional dentistry.