Working in the pharmaceutical industry

chemical2The pharmaceutical industry is vast and there is an array of different jobs available within the industry. In the UK more than 70,000 people work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Career opportunities

There are many different jobs in the pharmaceutical industry and whereas most people immediately think that the industry only involves scientists and people with an interest in medicine, this is not the case and there is a huge variety of different roles available in many fields. Examples of these roles include:

  • Research: roles within research are usually filled by biologists, chemists and scientists with specialist qualifications and interests including toxicology, genetics, pharmacology and statistics.
  • Manufacturing: including manufacturers, engineers, production managers and quality control professionals.
  • Commercial roles: including sales and marketing positions, communications staff, economics experts and product managers.
  • Support roles: including human resources, information technology support, legal experts, statisticians and finance experts.

Why choose pharmaceuticals?

chemicalThe pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the majority of research and medical development in the UK and the work of the industry literally saves lives, as individuals pull together to find ways to make people’s lives better by finding new, more effective treatments whilst working towards cures for illnesses and health conditions.

The industry comprises of many different roles and there is scope for career progression and a change in direction with roles varying from sales and marketing to scientific research.

The industry is fast-paced and with developments in science and advances and technology these are exciting times in the pharmaceutical business. The work is varied and challenging and presents a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities.

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