Hair Transplants for Women

When women lose their hair it can be a very emotional time for them, more emotional then it is for men. Women spend a large part of their life worried about the way that they look. Since the age of 13 women start applying makeup, shaving their legs, buying deodorant/perfume and starting to think about their hair. What hairstyles are in style? For young girls it does not matter what would be uncomfortable or bad for the scalp, it is all about being popular.

Women through-out their whole life keep this in mind and even find themselves curling, crimping, straightening, dying, cutting, pulling and tugging their hair to get it into the style, the latest fad calls for.

For women, it is like the same as men baldness is heredity and a lot of women start experiencing in their late 50’s early 60’s. Unlike men however, their scalp decides to go bald in various places such as in the hairline, temples and crown. The reasons women may go bald differ from that of men, however some reasons stay the same such as genetics and stress. Sometimes a change-up in the way you are living and what you are eating can give you your hair back.


Other causes of hair loss could resort from over or under active hormones such as thyroid issues or thyroid disease; menopause is also a huge factor in hair loss and pregnancy as well. A lot of women start to lose their hair nearly three months after they have had their baby, however when hormone levels start to level back out it grows back.

Millions of women are suffering from hair loss all across the world and sadly not as many of them can do something back like a lot of men have and will continue to do.

Hair transplant surgery becomes an option if there is still enough hair on the scalp to be able to create enough to transplant. However, for many women this is not the case. Hair transplants however may not be able to help some women at all and they must be reliant on other procedures or even medications.


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