What does gastric balloon treatment involve?

WeightWeight loss surgery is becoming more and more common in the UK, not only because obesity is a more significant problem, but also because doctors are developing safer and more effective techniques for helping the seriously overweight. If you have tried every other method for losing weight, then your doctor may suggest surgery as an option, especially if your obesity is starting to affect your physical health or quality of life. Surgery can sound scary, but these procedures are very common and very safe and you should have nothing to worry about.

There are different choices when it comes to weight loss surgery, including gastric bypass surgery and the gastric balloon procedure. Which one you have will depend upon several factors, such as how overweight you are, how much weight you need to lose and if you have any other health problems that the surgeon needs to take into consideration. Gastric balloon surgery is one option available to those weight-loss97who need to lose a large amount of weight, but who are not clinically obese, as the balloon is only a temporary measure, unlike some other weight loss surgery options.

The gastric balloon will remain in place for around six months, during which time the patient will find their appetite severely curbed, allowing them to lose weight naturally by consuming less food. This happens thanks to the insertion of a balloon into the stomach, which is filled with liquid, creating an artificial feeling of fullness. The gastric balloon procedure has several advantages over other surgical options. Firstly, there is no general anaesthetic, which means fewer risks and less time in hospital; secondly, the procedure is non-invasive, so you will have no unsightly scars and finally, because it is a less serious operation, it is much cheaper if you are having it done privately. The balloon is inserted and filled while the patient is under sedation, so, although you will be aware of what is going on, you will feel relaxed and comfortable the whole time. In many cases, the patient can even go home the same day to start their new, healthier life.

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